Jerry Lu Scholarships

About The Scholarship

The Jerry Lu Scholarship is a matching scholarship program intended to ease the financial burden on Taiwanese students attending a university or college in the United States. Taiwanese students are eligible for the Jerry Lu Scholarship if they have already earned a golf scholarship at a university or college. The scholarships are intended to assist Taiwanese students with the cost of tuition and fees, room and board, and course-related books.

The C.T. Pan Foundation will match the scholarship that the student has already earned but will not exceed the cost of attendance. For example, if the school pays for 30% tuition, the C.T. Pan Foundation will match 30% of tuition. If the school pays 50% tuition, the Foundation will match the other 50%. If the school pays for 70% tuition the Foundation will match 30%, and so on.

Who is eligible?

The selection criteria for the Scholarship will take a multitude of factors into consideration, including high school GPA, socioeconomic status of the student’s family, extracurricular activities, and overall character.

How to Apply

To apply for the Jerry Lu Scholarship please download the application below, fill out and return to